Lodhi Rajput

Lodhi Rajput is a Hindu community in India. The name Lodhi stands for followers of Lodheshwar which means Lord Shiva. He is one of the three main Hindu Gods.

The Rajputs from the Sanskrit tatpurusha compound rajaputra, "Son of a King" are a ruling class of northern India. In the Hindustani language, those belonging to the Kshatriya Varna of Hindus are generally referred to as "Rajputs". The ruling classes of most Indian states from 6th century to 19th century were mostly Rajputs.

Lodhi Rajput community is diversified in many parts of India. A part of community is very much prominent in North and central India, especially in Westen UP, Vidarbha and its area near Madhya Pradesh. It has further sub-classes in it like Lodhi, Lodhi Rajput, Lodh, Lodha, Rajput, Pathariya ,Thakur,Singh etc. The community has diversified to a great extent, which has led it to form highly differentiated groups. .There are many groups with varied social and financial standings

Who we are?

We are the youth of Lodhi Rajput Samaj who offer social services on Lodhi matrimonial services,job search,and classified ads for the Lodhi Samaj business enterprises

What we offer?

We offer services on job search, matrimonial services,and classified ads for the business enterprises.

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